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How to hook a man: TOP 10 tips – by a Man

How to hook a manThere are so many articles in different women magazines devoted to the same topic «How to hook a man», that it seemed than there is nothing new can be said. But… All of these articles have one distinctive feature… Most of them are written by women. No offense, ladies, but men’s and women’s perception is different, that’s why so many advices described on glossy pages don’t work in real life.

Today we’ll take a good look on the main aspects which let almost any woman to get almost any man with ease. And all these aspects will be revealed from a man’s point of view.

How to hook a man: main nuances

Ok, let’s start now. In the following tips I’ll break some myths, but don’t worry, I’ll break only those ones which are nothing but nonsense.

1. Don’t think men think like you. This is the most popular women’s delusion. Almost 80% of women think that men have the same mentality as them. As a result women expect certain reactions but get the opposite ones. Men and women are different. If you want to know what a man thinks about something, don’t even try to put yourself on his place. Better ask another man about it.

2. Know men’s nature. All men are egoists, with no exceptions. It’s their nature. Some of them can take control over their instincts, some of them can’t. And such nature gives women a very powerful weapon. Ego is an Achilles heel of a man, and if you know how to use it, you can hook a man without any problem.

3. Don’t play with men. Most guys hate chasing and playing games. The only exception – if they fell in love, but that happens once in a blue moon. If the man is not in love and the woman starts to show off, making him to call her again and again without return calls, the man in most cases breaks the relationship.

4. Respect yourself. In the most cases love starts from respect. Then respect turns into friendship, friendship turns into affection, and affection turns into love. But in order to make a guy respect you, you must respect yourself. Many women make a huge mistake calling their boyfriends dozens of times without a reason. Most men hate importunity.

5. Be a good interlocutor. As I said before, guys are egoists. That’s why the best topic for them is the topic they are interested in. If a woman makes a guy speak and listens to him attentively, that pleases his pride. As a result woman wins a great sympathy of a man, even without saying a word, just keeping up the conversation.

6. Pay attention to your appearance. The inner beauty is a good thing, but don’t forget that men love with their eyes. If you really want to hook a man, you need to look perfectly in order to wake up his passion.

7. Remember about the main components of men’s love. The real love of a man consists of 3 main components:

  1. Respect (point 4)
  2. Friendship (point 5)
  3. Passion (point 6)

If you’ve checked all the points, the guy is completely in your power.

8. Be a good sex partner. It’s true. Most women are dissatisfied with their sexual partners. But being a good partner also means to solve problems together, if the problems exist. Sex means a lot both for men and women and if one of you have troubles it’s important to find solution as soon as possible.

9. Respect men’s privacy. The sense of freedom is a part of men’s life. If a guy accepts freedom limitation in the wake of both of you, don’t demand a complete devotion from his side. Respect his privacy and let him be alone for while, if he needs it.

10. Listen to specialists. There are a lot of good advices that can be given by the real specialists in the field of relationship and therapy. One of such specialists is Bob Grant, Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach, who shares his knowledge and 20 years of experience in his book “The Woman Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave”. This book has already helped many women to answer their question: “How to hook a man” and gave them enough practical information to seduce their future boyfriends and husbands.

How to hook a man: The book